Posted by: tylereddy | April 5, 2013


Argentina Map

Our Destination

Our plans have taken a long time to develop, but we’ve decided on a destination and the winner is ……Argentina! We’ve been working diligently to incorporate our work in tourism or museums to give us a destination, a community, and something more than just a meandering walkabout in South America (although we hope to have lots of random adventures too). We’ve spent months saving our pennies and finding a way to make our adventure work with two boys in tow.

Why 104 Degrees? Good question. 104 degrees describes the change in latitude from 52 degrees north in Drumheller, Canada to 52 degrees south in Patagonia, Argentina. Different countries, continents, languages, customs and foods, but with many similarities – mountains, badlands, fossils…now Alberta just needs an ocean nearby. I’m sure the contrasts and comparisons will be many, so we’ll keep you updated as we discover them.

As a family we love travel, discovery, adventure, food, nature, learning and hockey (we’re Canadian eh, we gotta love hockey). For this trip we’re including some technology too. We’ve been long holdouts on the cell phone scene, and blogging is a new realm too, so you’ll probably hear lots about our successes and failures on that front too. Follow our adventures here – however they may unfold – at 104 Degrees.


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