Posted by: tylereddy | April 5, 2013

Something to Believe In

I’m elated to announce that the Royal Tyrrell Museum Cooperating Society has endorsed our trip to Argentina. Their financial support means a great deal, but their moral support is even greater! There have been lots of ups and downs where we doubted whether our trip would go ahead, but to have the Board approve funding to support our adventure is truly invigorating.

I’ve been working at the Royal Tyrrell Museum since 2004. Currently, I work as Project and Interpretive Planner where I manage exhibit projects and exhibit interpretation. Over the last several months I’ve solicited dinosaur museums in South America for opportunities to work or volunteer within their organizations. I’ve made a few great contacts and have received an invite from a prestigious Patagonia museum to learn about their organization.

The funding from the Royal Tyrrell Museum Cooperating Society will support learning opportunities for myself and the Museum. While we are officially on a leave of absence from work, the Society sees the experiential value of this experience for my career. In the meantime what a growth opportunity for us as a family.

Just one more reason working at the Royal Tyrrell Museum is truly an adventure in discovery (even if I sit in an office most of the time!)

A great big thanks to the Royal Tyrrell Museum Cooperating Society for supporting us and one of the Top Ten Dinosaur Museum’s in the world!



  1. That’s fantastic, Tyler!! Congrats on the sponsorship. Looking forward to following along on your adventures!

  2. Congratulations Tyler!!! I’m really glad to hear that the RTMP Cooperating Society has agreed to provide financial support for your trip. It should be one great life/work experience!

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