Posted by: tylereddy | April 7, 2013

Hockey Sobre Hielo

Hockey? Heck Yes!

A couple months back I was searching Facebook for interesting stuff in Argentina when I came across a group called Ice Hockey Ushuaia. As it was all in Spanish I had some trouble navigating, but they looked like a passionate group that was having lots of fun.

I clickety clacked that like button and then I noticed a blog link to The Travelling Goaltender ( Cool, I checked it out and sent him an e-mail message to come to Alberta for a tournament. We talked about hockey in Argentina and he mentioned that several Argentine players were at his house in Toronto for a hockey school at that moment. Super cool.

Several weeks later Ice Hockey Ushuaia posted a picture for a tournament in July. I commented on the photo saying “I am Canadian who will be in Patagonia at that time, can I join the Canadian team?…contact me.”

Who should repsond but the Travelling Goalie saying “Hi Tyler , i am organizing the Canadian team … send me a personal message :)”

I still have a lot to learn about the tournament in Punta Arenas, Chile and I will share the details as they come. In the meantime I’m signed up for six days of three on three hockey in South America – Can’t wait!



  1. Can’t wait to see pictures and maybe some vids of the hockey there!

  2. When in doubt, shoot low blocker. You’ll be fine.

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