Posted by: tylereddy | April 22, 2013

Dinosaur of the Week: Albertosaurus

2013-04-20 12.45.24

Albertosaurus towers over Centrosaurus at the Royal Tyrrell Museum – Drumheller

Here is the first entry for our Dinosaur of the Week spot featuring great dinosaur finds from our adventure.

Albertosaurus is significant to the Royal Tyrrell Museum as our “flagship dinosaur” because it was the first dinosaur discovered in Alberta by Joseph Tyrrell in 1884. Tyrrell discovered the beast quite by accident as he was working for the Geological survey of Canada, mapping coal seams in the Red Deer River Valley. He came across the skull of Albertosaurus sticking out of a hillside not far from the present day location of the Royal Tyrrell Museum. The specimen was crated up and sent to Ontario where it was name Albertosaurus in 1905, the same year that Alberta became a province.

Over one hundred years later Kelly also discovered Albertosaurus sticking out of a hillside as we visited Dry Island Buffalo Jump Provincial Park. As we canoed the Red Deer River we stopped at the Albertosaurus bonebed – a site famed for containing the remains of at least 17 of the Cretaceous carnivores. Kelly was lucky enough to discover a perfectly intact Albertosaurus tooth! To this day she still resents that I made her leave this beautiful tooth in the Provincial Park.

Sorry Kelly, hopefully our the Dinosaur of the Week can lead to more great discoveries!

Kelly and Jigger pose with an amazing discovery

Kelly and Jigger pose with an amazing discovery!


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