Posted by: tylereddy | May 2, 2013

Beautiful Buenos Aires

We arrived three days ago in Buenos Aires – Beautiful.  Complete chaos, but beautiful. Huge. Bustling. Exciting. Loud. Delicious. Stressful….. as one might expect traveling in a foreign country with two little ones, limited language skills, and unrelenting thoughts of personal safety. Here’s how the last three days have unfolded.Flights from Calgary to Toronto to Santiago to Buenos Aires were somewhat uneventful. Movies, snacks, meals, bathroom breaks, repeat. The boys both had empty sets beside and slept nearly a full night (if sleeping on an airplane counts as sleeping). Upon landing in BA the stress level ramped up as we needed to navigate baggage claim, customs, and taxi stands. Which, upon writing it down, seems insignificant. However, the addition of two defiant little men, massive line-ups, that language thing, and carting a whole bunch of luggage (with strange looks from nearly everybody over the hockey sticks). It was a bit of an event, stressful at best, but we arrived safely after covering almost 12,000 kilometres – let’s call it a win! Groceries. Dinner. Bed.

The first full day we visited Recolleta Cemetary, just a few blocks from our apartment. The massive mausoleums were impressive with beautiful stonework paying tribute to the deceased, sorry, the rich and deceased. E2 asked “Id dat duy dead” about a thousand times, but the best part of the day was when he saw a large dark-coloured statue in the distance and asked, “Id dat Dart Bader?”

Is that Darth Vader?

Is that Darth Vader?

Next we navigated the subte (subway) to meet our palaeontologist friend Sebastian and his family for our first Argentine dinner. The subway was easy ahem, after the security guard showed me how to redeem my ticket. The boys were wide-eyed as we watched vendors and buskers work the crowds while the graffiti filled stations flew by. We ate Parilla, pronounced parisha, but basically a whole bunch of meat while we talked of dinosaur discoveries, our home countries and family life. It was a lovely evening out, but in Argentine fashion we ate late and the boys were once again weary-eyed as we returned to the apartment.

Today Sebastian was kind enough to deliver us to the Tigre, an area in the north of the city along the TigreRiver. We hopped aboard a boat to a lovely little resort called Amarran Sancho ( where we spent the day just walking around the property. Sticks. Sand. Rocks. Water. More sticks. (For boys, as long as there is a stick to swing everybody is happy – well everybody but mom and dad, anybody who is watching and cringing, and the boy who takes the stick to the face/hand/leg first…. but mostly everybody.) Steph was our hostess and her English was equal to Spanish so we made a great learning team and spent most of the day wandering and chatting, soaking up the silence of the countryside (only occasionally interrupted by a child falling in the water). A lovely lunch with a massive steak.

Boat ride on the Tigre

Boat ride on the Tigre

We took a train ride close to home, then needed to hail a cab in the rain. E2 kept saying “Where id Sebatian?” thinking he was going to drive out of the night and rescue us from the dark and crowded street corner. After some time Kelly enlisted the help of a kindly mom-type to teach us the art of hailing a cab in the wet dark night from a pack of a hundred or so people. Every small experience helps us adjust a little more as we navigate the city of beauty, generosity, meat……. and complete chaos.



  1. Kelly Im glad your safe ! And i love that you have been 4 days without going insane !

  2. This is the best blog I’ve read, ever. Educating, entertaining…oh boy, E2 is a liddle star 😉 venture on, Eddy family, venture on!

  3. Oh it sounds interesting but a lot of work with 2 little boys, Love the Darth Vader comment. Continue to enjoy. When do you go to Treluw?

    • Trelew is scheduled for next month, but we might still be waiting on the bus to arrive….

  4. Glad you guys are safe and having fun. I’m looking forward to hearing more about your adventures!

  5. Very cool, the boys won’t know it but they are on the adventure of a lifetime! Safe travels! got your text, holy phone #!

  6. What an adventure and the coolest part is that you get to be part of the culture. I can’t wait to continue to read your blog!! So excited for you guys.

  7. Wow!!!! Hats of to the two of you for taking on this venture with two little ones. But it sounds like you are taking it all in stride. Enjoy your venture. Love to hear what is coming up next. Great way to stay in touch.

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