Posted by: kellylyneddy | May 6, 2013

Happy Cinco de Mayo

We have been so wrapped up in everything here that we have not been paying attention to the news. As a result today was a bit of a HIT and MISS.

Elephants, Buenos Aires Zoo

The HIT: Earlier this week we purchased long distance bus tickets to travel to Neuquen, our next destination. Since it is an overnight bus it was set to depart at 6:30pm, so we had the day to entertain ourselves.  We decided on the Buenos Aires Zoo.

The Zoo was a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the streets.  Beautiful buildings, man-made lakes, parks for the boys to run and play in.  It was a little oasis for us.  There were many animals both new and familiar. We even saw a Canadian Goose!  I would have to say that my favourite were the elephants, they are always so stunning.  Many of the buildings here in Buenos Aires include a lot of sculpture and the elephant enclosure was no exception.

Canada Goose, Buenos Aires Zoo

The boys really enjoyed the Patagonian Maras.  They were running wild throughout the zoo, making them extremely irresistible and easy to observe at close range. These small animals hold the title of being the second largest rodent in the world.  Although E2 did point out that they looked a lot like bunnies. He also exclaimed with much excitement “Look at the blue chicken” when a peacock crossed our path.

Patagonian Mara, Buenos Aires Zoo

The MISS: A reminder that earlier this week we purchased long distance bus tickets to travel to Neuquen. Since it’s an overnight bus it was set to depart at 6:30pm. Unfortunately after our long day at the Zoo, we found out at the bus terminal that the long distance bus drivers are on strike…indefinitely. After jumping through a few hoops, some serious problem solving, and a few frantic phone calls we are in a comfortable apartment and adjusting our plan for the next few days. It was a few hectic hours of the unknown, but to be expected venturing in South America.

Tyler’s last words tonight … “Happy Cinco de My A%#!”



  1. so now will you take a train or what? This blog is sure nice to read and keep pace with you……….love ya

    • No trains to our destination, but maybe a plane…being patient.

  2. Great post Tyler! I hope you guys get to enjoy a lot more in Bs.As.

  3. Go blue chicken! Hmm, buses are over rated anyways? Love reading about your adventures, keep em coming!

    • The bus strike is over, hopefully we can travel today.

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