Posted by: tylereddy | May 11, 2013

Departure Drama

There has been a bus driver strike in Argentina for several days now. So one might think that after three days of delay that we’d be prepared to leave the city right? …wrong. In the last days we had been to the bus station several times to sort tickets and it took twenty minutes by taxi. We decided to leave for the station an hour before our final departure from the city. Forty minutes later we’re in gridlock beginning to panic. Using our meagre Spanish we communicate to the driver that our bus departs in twenty. He is in disbelief – not sure if he’s upset that we left too little time or that the traffic is killing us – but he’s fighting through the madness to get us there quickly.

In the final moments of the ride we formulate a plan. It is one minute past the scheduled departure time. I grab a backpack, tickets and crush a child as I tumble awkwardly out of the cab, and scramble through the station. Fortunately I know exactly where we need to be – perhaps the only perk visiting a bus station five times in a week. I literally run through the station and burst through the exit doors (actually the second set of doors, the first were locked and I tried to bust through and mashed my face against the disgustingly grimy glass). Anyway, the bus is backing out of the stall and I jammed the tickets into an attendant’s arms and asked him to stop the bus. He kinda smiled and was like, “Wow, you are just in time.” When I said I needed a moment to gather my family his smile dropped and he protested that the bus was leaving immediately. I didn’t listen, just chugged back into the station and gathered the clan.

Moments later we were on the bus, hearts still racing, laughing giddily about the irony of being happy to embark on a fourteen hour bus journey.

Happy to make the bus, and as an added!

Happy to make the bus….. and as an added bonus, food!



  1. Now that is PROPER drama… just like the movies. I’m glad you finally got onto the bus! Adaptation at its best. Well done, Eddys.

  2. You four are my heroes! Glad to hear you made the bus and that things are falling into place. Love to hear the updates.
    P.S. Happy Mother’s Day to Kelly 🙂

  3. Good hustle Big Ed. I was worried about your conditioning for that hockey tourney, but if you keep getting yourselves into gongshows like this, you’ll be in the shape of your life.

    • The treats are amazing here so conditioning is gonna be an issue. But yesterday at Spanish school somebody told me I looked like an athlete (then again, my Spanish isn’t very good and he might have told I look like a marshmallow…whatever).

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