Posted by: tylereddy | May 15, 2013

Dinosaur of the Week: Argentinosaurus

No trip to Plaza Huincul is complete without a trip to Museo Carmen Funes. When we told people we were headed to Plaza Huincul people would cock their head to the side and ask why. After meeting one of the largest dinosaurs in the world we realized it was well worth the long trip … and strange looks. Plaza Huincul is the Drumheller of the south. It’s a small town where the primary employer is oil and gas, with beautiful outcrops of rock overlooking from the surrounding desert.

We were told that Argentinosaurus was discovered in Patagonia by a farmer in the early 80’s. It sat for several years until palaeontologists heard rumour of the specimen and, with obvious interest, inquired about its location. Only a portion of Cretaceous giant’s bones were collected, a femur, tibia, and several vertebrate – all of which are all on display at Museo Carmen Funes.

We had seen the pictures of Argentinosaurus at Museo Carmen Funes before. We knew that it filled an entire building at 40 metres long. But to see the beast in its full glory, we were all blown away. We had the entire space to ourselves, just the four of us and the colossal beast. We keep circling in giant laps, walking under the legs, neck and tail – then we’d look at it and say “Wow, I can’t believe how big it is.” Argentinosaurus was so big that when the kids were at the far end we couldn’t even hear their voices as they ran around gleefully underneath him. We soaked up the silence and then we’d do another lap and say “Wow, I can’t believe how big it is.”

Doctora Ariana was kind enough to tour us through the museum and collections area. The collections area consisted of a few rooms that were the size of very large bedrooms. Nothing impressive in terms of size, but the specimens were remarkable to say the least. The overflowing wooden racking held numerous Patagonian specimens including theropods, sauropods, crocodiles, nests, eggs, and trace specimens from Patagonia. It’s always exciting to explore a museum’s collections and this space was amazing.

Museo Carmen Funes was an outstanding museum experience – we had the place to ourselves and got a private tour (Thanks Ariana!) What better way to meet one of the biggest beasts to ever walk on land.

E1 and E2 size up Argentinosaurus...E2 thinks he can take him down!

E1 and E2 size up Argentinosaurus…E2 thinks he can take him down!



  1. I can’t believe how big it is!

    • It is really big! Just like our latest idea for your next knitting project – details soon!

      • I look forward to this idea. I better stock up just in case. 🙂

  2. Glad you are having a great time! While you were touring the museum, I was probably chasing Jigger through Jubilee park and out to fifth…no not a planned outing. Let’s just say Jigger 1 Laura 0. Will tell you about it next time we Skype. You will find it hilarious…me not so much:)

    • We are looking forward to the story!

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