Kelly and Tyler

Kelly grew up in the trees. First trees surrounded by more trees in northern Manitoba. Then in grade nine she moved to trees surrounded by mountains in Alberta. Kelly’s always loved the outdoors and would like to share her passion for nature with her children.

Tyler grew up in the fields. Fields surrounded by a bunch more fields in the prairies of Saskatchewan. He’s always loved playing sports, socializing and being super awesome (at least in his own mind).

Drumheller Alberta (Dinosaur Capital of the World) is our home today. We are both employed in the tourism industry.  Tyler works at the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology (www.tyrrellmuseum.com) and Kelly works at the Atlas Coal Mine National Historic Site (www.atlascoalmine.ab.ca). We constantly argue about where to tour houseguests first.

E2 on left (little brother), E1 on right(big brother)

E2 on left (little brother), E1 on right(big brother)

Oh yeah children. E1 (as we’ll call him) is five and is thoughtful, cautious, talkative, occasionally dramatic, and humorous. Some say he is the carbon copy of dad. E2 is three and a half years old and while not the polar opposite of his brother he brings challenge to his brothers cautious way. He’s spirited, silly, fearless, creative and wonderous.

Argentina is our first adventure as a family and this blog will follow our victories and mishaps as we experience an unfamiliar land with children in tow. We hope you’ll follow along for the ride.



  1. Hi there
    My family of 4 will be heading to argentina soon to do a 14 week motorhome trip. We have kds in our group too. I look forward to following your blog and learning how to write one (well)! at the same time.

    • Can’t wait to hear about your adventure!

  2. Hey there big ed, I have no idea if you can read this or not? It is your technologically challenged buddy millzy in the fields. Take care out there buddy. You and your beautiful family are more brave than words could describe in my paranoid eyes. Take care and give the family a big hug for us all up here in the flats. We love you guys. The big cat

    • Got your message and taking care! Could use your skills on the ice this week.

      • Keep your stick on the ice buddy. Millzy

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