E1 – Linea del Dia


E2: “When I grow up I’m going to buy a back scratcher. I’m gonna call it the bag scratcher.”

E2: “My polar bears don’t like that!”

E2: “When I grow up I’m gonna be a meatballotologist.”

E1: “If we were basilisk lizards we wouldn’t have to walk around the lake.”

E2: “I don’t want to cuddle, your nose stinks.”

E1: “Mom how long did it take you to lay me?”

E2: “Feast your nuts.”

E2: “I don’t kiss grannies, I only kiss princesses.”

E1: “I didn’t even pee on my hands.”

E1: “Truck…..gluck……..f*ck.”

E2: “Granny how many are you?” Granny: “65” E2: “You should be dead.”

E2 (day after nosebleed): “Mom I need a kleenex because I have jam coming out of my nose.”

E1: “Sandwiches make me hot.”

E1: “Everything but my heart is Argentinian now.”

E2: to random shopkeeper “Ola, buen dia”

E1: “Daddy you have a moufetta sobre tu cabezza.” (a skunk on your head.)

E1: “Here dad take these mitts, they got dog poop on them.”

E1: “I was really sneaky mom, I put a bunch of X’s (on the beach) to trick pirates”

E1: “It’s pretty sh!tty out hey mom?” Mom: ” What does that mean?” E1″ You know like Brrrrr.” Mom” Oh you mean chilly out”

E1: “I’m not your cerveza servant!”

E1: ” I peed with my mitts on so I don’t need to wash my hands.”



E1: “Is that Leanna?”  Referring to any blond woman we see, which here are few and far between.

E2: Looking at a saint’s statue in Recoletta cemetary “Is that Darth Vader?”

Is that Darth Vader?

Is that Darth Vader?

E1: “Dad, can I message Kate?”

E2: Looking at spider doors at the Natural History Museum “Dud Piderman wiv dare?”

Does Spiderman live there?

Does Spiderman live there?

E1: “Ahhhh! It’s spraying me in the face!” while using the bidet.

Random man on the Street:  “Your president is gay”

E2: “Mom wook at my big poop”

E1: “Mom, what was wrong with that water!!!!” (after drinking saltwater.)

T: “You cooked these to a perfect size 44”

E1: After papa tells an extended story about changing a tire- “Papa you need a Guido”

E2: “Mas jugo por favor”

E1: “Is this some sort of garage ale or something?”

2005-01-01 00.00.00-226

`Roadside monument to the saint of Patagonia, Ceferino Namuncurá

2005-01-01 00.00.00-230

Entrance to the “Garage Sale“

E2: “We are so polite.”

E1: “This toilet paper sucks.”

E1: “This shirt is short sleeved so it can show off my tats”

E1: “I just smelled E2’s bum and it stinks” Mom: “That’s gross, don’t do that!” E1: “But dogs do it all the time.”

E1: “Rainbows give you good dreams and plainbows give you bad dreams.”

E1: “This world needs more than one superhero.”

E1: “That was the most beautiful drive I’ve ever been on.”

E1: “I felt that bump in my penis.”

E1: “I didn’t even pee on myself.”



  1. one of those things called “priceless”

  2. These had me laughing out loud! Thanks for sharing!

  3. “This world needs more than one superhero.” Yes, dear. That’s so true. 🙂

  4. commenting from Trelew – wonderful, funny, great way to end my day reading these–thanks for sharing!

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